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About KVK

SAIRD has been running a Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), sanctioned by the ICAR since 1985.It has a multidisciplinary team of scientists and technical staff. Life in rural areas is by and large woven around agriculture and other allied areas .Hence, KVK largely emphasizes on training, extension, creation of awareness and technology transfer on various activities of agriculture and other related fields.


  • Conducting On-Farm Testing (OFTs) in farmer’s field with latest technologies developed in different crops for location specific problems and technology assessment and refinement.
  • Conducting Front Line Demonstrations (CFLDs) on pulses, oilseeds and other commercial crops in farmer’s fields with the pre-released and released varieties of Agricultural Universities and ICAR on important crops.
  • Conducting on/off campus training programmes to farmers, rural youth and extension functionaries.
  • Creating awareness in the farming community in latest technologies, conducting extension activities such as kisan melas, field visits, field days, exposure through print and electronic media etc.
  • Creating avenues for rural people, unemployed rural youth, school dropouts, landless labour through self employment generation programmes.

The KVK has 20 ha instructional farm which serves as field laboratory for the trainees and farmers. It has established Demonstration Units for different disciplines viz: crop production, seed production, horticulture, sericulture, fisheries, home science, poultry, fodder production, vermi compost, bio-fertilizers etc.

Skill training is one of the most important functions of the KVK. The emphasis is being given to development of new skills for adoption of latest technologies in various fields of agriculture and other fields by organizing long term training with a period ranging from 3-6 months and short term courses ranging from 1-7 days with emphasis on "Learning by Doing" SAIRD is now considered as a model in transfer of technology for agriculture and Rural Development.