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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Rural Development (SAIRD) a non-profit and non governmental organization is dedicated to the social educational, economic, spiritual development and welfare of rural people. It was established in 1973 under the Society’s Act of Andhra Pradesh.

It was founded by Late Dr.Ganta Gopal Reddy,an agricultural Scientist ,native of Gaddipally village. After his short stint in Agriculture Department in the state of Hyderabad as Agriculture Officer(1952-58) ,he did his M.S and Ph.D in USA in Soil Science. He was recipient of Full bright Scholarship (1958) and east west fellowship (1960) in USA on his return to India (1965),he joined Andhra Pradesh Agriculture University, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad as Pool Officer(CSIR) and later Associate Professor of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry.

Inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and Mother of Sri Aurobindo’s ashram Pondicherry, he set out for development of villages in and around Gaddipally in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh ,India in 1969.He started Mahathma Gandhi Lift Irrigation Co-Operative Society and by 1973 six villages got irrigation facilities. For the development of rural areas in Socio Economic spheres he started Sri Aurobindo Institute of Rural Development in 1973.


  • To develop new skills and to build up scientific attitude among rural people, particularly farmers, farm women, rural youth school dropouts and grass root level extension functionaries.
  • To provide new knowledge and technology in the areas of agriculture and allied fields, for increasing productivity and sustainable livelihoods in rural areas and to work for improving education ,health care for an integrated development of rural communities.


SAIRD is located at Gaddipally village in Suryapet District of Telangana State, India. This distinct rural location of the Institute provides the best opportunity to be with the rural people and to function with their active participation and co –operation. It formulates its programmes and activities to solve local problems in harmony with the socio-economic realities and environment.

SAIRD Co-Operates with all the government and non government, official agencies involved in rural development programmes. This ensures proper planning, designing, implementation and evaluation of policies, programmes and activities by the institute.

The Institute’s strength and credibility lie in the fact that it is located in a village in rural areas and has extensive fields for its operational activities with adequate institutional and infrastructural facilities and buildings for skill training, on farm demonstrations, practical field training and operational research. Villages are the Institute’s fields of operation.

The Institute has access to a pool of highly trained and experienced technical experts, management specialists and development experts in all fields of agriculture and allied fields and rural development. This ensures proper planning, designing, formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies, programmes and activities by the Institute. The Institute work in close association with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutes and all the official and voluntary organizations in the district and rural areas committed to the objectives of the Institute. In addition, extensive office space with working facilities, access to computer facilities, library service and audio-visual aids are available.