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Chawki Rearing Center

The chawki centre was started in the year 2012-13 at KVK, Gaddipally. It is the first centre in Telangana State. Every year the centre is brushing one lakh Dfls (disease free layings) of bivoltine double hybrids(CSR 6 X CSR26 XCSR2XCSR2y) and supplying to 400 farmers in the state. The double cross hybrids CSR6 XCSR26XCSR2X CSR2y were found superior to single hybrids and exhibited better performance with respect to cocoon yield, benefit cost ratio. It is very much suited for Telangana state. Farmers are getting 15 kg more cocoon yield per 100 Dfls with chawki supply and earning Rs.50,000 extra income per year with 800 Dfl’s rearing. Every farmer is getting Rs.50,000 extra income per year by taking chawki from KVK, Gaddipally.