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Demonstration Units

KVK has developed 10 Demonstrations Units

  1. Instructional farm
  2. Vermiculture, vermi compost & vermin wash
  3. Horticulture Nursery
  4. Poultry
  5. Perennial fodder crops (APBN-1,Co-4,Phule Jayawant )
  6. Nutrition garden
  7. Composite Fish culture ponds
  8. Fiber glass reinforced plastic hatchery (FRP)& rearing ponds
  9. Medicinal plants &Herbal garden
  10. Azolla production unit

Instructional Farm:

  1. About 10 ha. area is under instructional farm. Cultivation of different varieties with different technologies on major crops of the district.
  2. Developed Horticulture block with Mango plantation with Drip irrigation Other Activities
  3. Production and supply of quality seeds of paddy, green gram red gram, ground nut , fodder saplings planting material, Fish fingerlings, Vermiculture & compost and poultry chicks to the farmers.
  4. Conduct of Vocational training programmes to Rural Youth (Men & Women)