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Plant Protection

FLD’s (Front Line Demonstrations)

  1. Management of Maruca in redgram
  2. Management of Helicoverpa in redgram
  3. Management of rootrot disease in sweet orange
  4. Management of blast in paddy
  5. Wilt management in redgram using tolerant variety PRG-158 and IPM technique trichoderma soil application
  6. Demonstration of fruit fly pheromone traps in mango


  1. Production technology of Greeen gram (Variety- WGG-42)
  2. Variety LRG-52, PRG-176+Pest management
  3. Pest management in redgram (LRG-52 and PRG-158)
  4. Pest Management in groundnut (ICGV-91114)


Front Line Demonstrations (FLD’s) ongoing:

  1. Stocking of stunted grown fingerlings (80-100 mm size) of Indian/exotic carp for increasing yield in culture ponds/tanks.
  2. Maintaining plankton density and water color in fish culture ponds
  3. Utilization of water storage tanks (Farm ponds)for carp culture

Sericulture : OFT:

  1. Management of Root rot disease in mulberry
  2. Management of Tukra pest in mulberry

Home Science

Front line demonstration (FLD’s)

  1. Use of easy transplanter for vegetables saplings (tomato, brinjal, chilly etc…)
  2. Value addition to tomato as an income generation