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Sl. No Particulars of land utilisation Land (in hectors)
1 Roads & Buildings 6.0
2 Farm  
  Establishment of Horticulture 6.0
  Demonstration farm  
  Sericulture 1.2
  Production of  Fodder Crops 2.0
  Aromatic and Medicinal Plants 0.4
  Seed Production 8.8
  Nursery (Horticulture - Fruit crops, vegetable crops, social forestry,
ornamental plants, aromatic medicinal and sericulture nursery
for improved varieties of mulberry)
  Crop Museum, where all varieties of all crops recommended for the district are planted in all area of one cent 0.8
  Fish Ponds 1.2
  Rice Production crops 6.4
  Rain fed crops 12.0
  Total land 48.0
    Plinth area(in
  Office & Others  
  Office Building 322
  Institute Building 350
  Staff Quarters 610
  Green House 432
  Sericulture(Rearing) 483
  Sericulture (Reeling) 483
  Boys Hostel 696
  Farm Women Hostel 285
  Total area 3661
  Vermicompost Shed 300
  Tractors 02
  Office equipment  
  Computer with Printer 11 Units
  Xerox Machine 1
  Class Room Furniture & Office furniture  
  Tissue Culture Lab   
  Biofertilizer Production  unit  
  Vermicompost unit