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Onfarm Testing

I . Plant Protection OFT’s (On farm trials)

  1. Management of sucking pests in cotton
  2. Management of pink boll worm in cotton
  3. Management of BPH in paddy
  4. Management of panicle mite in paddy
  5. Yellow stem borer management using BIPM methods in rice ( seed treatment with pseudomonas, pheromone traps, trichograma release etc.

II. Agronomy : OFT’s (On farm trials)

  1. Assessment of soil test based fertilizer application in paddy
  2. Assessment of linter cropping system under rain fed cultivation for higher net returns
  3. Assessment of Foliar nutrient management in cotton as drought mitigation measure

III .Fisheries : OFT’s (On farm trials)

  1. Management of aquatic weeds through biological method in fish culture tanks
  2. Assessment of low cost feed formulations in Indian Major Carp culture.
  3. Management of Red disease (Haemorrhagic septicaemia) in carp culture

Sericulture OFT:

  1. Root rot disease in mulberry

Home Science On Farm Trails (OFT’s)

  1. Assessment and preparation of multy grain atta in prevention of Anemia among adolescent girls.
  2. Value added low glycemic index rice as an income generation activity.