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Success story of sericulture farmer in Suryapet district (T.S)

Sri N.Krishna Reddy R/o Nandyalagudem village Atmakur (S) Mandal in Suryapet district. He was inspired by knowing expected Assured income in sericulture during his exposure visit to sericulture Unit at Sri Aurobindo Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gaddipally. He raised mulberry garden to the extent of 2.0 acres of drought tolrent variety S.13 in the year 2011-12. After 6 months he contracted permanent rearing shed 50’x20’x15’ size with Rs.1,75,000/- subsidy from State Sericulture Department. Apart of sericulture he also manage to cultivate rainfed cotton, redgram and paddy, chilly crops.

His son Mr.N.Bhargava Reddy who is a unemployed graduate assists in rearing activity. He engages labour only last 7 day rearing and cocoon harvesting. He could manage to rear an average 1600 Dfls per year. Harvesting 6 crops in a year with an average yield of 70 kgs cocoons per 100 Dfls in the current year 2017-18. He harvested 1097 kg cocoon from 1600 Dfls and earned gross income of 6,33,985 from 6 crop. A total expenditure of 2,00,000 lakhs towards garden maintenance and rearing activity for 6 crops. He earned Rs.4, 33,985 as net income in 2 acre mulberry garden in one year ie.2017-18.

Sri Krishna Reddy also planted another 4.00 acres mulberry with V1, variety in 2014 and started chawki rearing center in the year 2014-15 with the help of Central Silk Board Bangalore. He is brushing an average 1.0 lakhs Dfls per year and supplying to the farmers @ 2,000/- rupees per 100 Dfls and earned 20.0 lakhs per year. A total expenditure of 10,000 lakhs towards egg cost. Garden maintenance. Chawki Rearing and disinfectants. He earned Rs.10.0 lakhs as net income from chawki rearing. He earned total income of Rs.14.3 lakhs from 6 acres of mulberry in the year 2017-18 from rearing and chawki rearing.

Sri N.Krishna Reddy thanks to SAKVK, Gaddipally for introducing him to Sericulture activity and providing regular technical guidance and follows recommendations and suggestions of SMS sericulture KVK, Gaddipally. He has received best Sericulture Farmer Award in the district from District Collector, Nalgonda during the year 2012-13 and 2015-16. He realized that sericulture is more remunerative than agriculture and horticulture. He is encouraging his relatives and friends to take up sericulture. By seeing his returns, 100 farmers have taken up sericulture in his village and surrounding villages. Further he realized mulberry is the only crop that survived water stressed condition and profitable in the rainfed condition prevailing in the Suryapet district.

Before establishing the sericulture unit he was cultivating cotton paddy and redgram in 20 acres of land. From cotton he is got net income of Rs.1,60,000/- from paddy cultivation net income of Rs.1,12,500/- and from redgram he got net income of Rs.70,000 total put together he got net income of Rs.3,42,500/- from 20.00 acres of land.

After establishing sericulture unit he is got net income Rs.14,33,988 from sericulture unit and Rs.1,63,000/- from cotton field and Rs.1,23,500/- from paddy cultivation and Rs.60,000/- from redgram. A total income from 20 acres of land is Rs.17,80,485/-. He got additional income of Rs.14,37,985/- after establishing the sericulture unit.

Comparison of income for different crops before establishment of sericulture unit
(In one year 2011-12)
S.No Crop Area in Acers Yield in qtls Gross Income (Rs) Expenditure (Rs) Net income (Rs)
1 Cotton 10 120.00 2,40,000 80,000 1,60,000
2 Paddy 05 210.00 2,62,500 1,50,000 1,12500
3 Redgram 05 30.00 90,000 20,000 70,000
  Total 20       3,42,500
Comparison of income for different crops after establishment of sericulture unit
(In one year 2017-18)
S.No Crop Area in Acers Yield in qtls Gross Income (Rs) Expenditure (Rs) Net income (Rs)
1 Mulberry Silk worm rearing 2.00 10.97 6,33,985 2,00,000 4,33,985
2 Chawki Rearing 4.00 1.0Lac DFLs 20,00,000 10,00,000 10,00,000
3 Cotton 6.00 72.00 2,88,000 1,25,000 1,63,000
4 Paddy 5.00 205.00 3,48,500 2,25,000 1,23,500
5 Redgram 3.00 18.00 81,000 21,000 60,000
  Total 20       17,80,485