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Plant Protection

Training programmes Preparation & use of Botanical pesticides

  1. Management of stored grain pest & diseases and safe storage of cereals, pulses, oilseeds
  2. Management of pest & diseases in paddy
  3. Management of pest & diseases in cotton
  4. Management of pest & diseases in redgram
  5. Management of pest & diseases in groundnut
  6. Management of pest & diseases in Mango, citrus, lime, sapota, guava
  7. Management of pest & diseases in tomato, Bhendi, brinjal, leafy vegetables
Rural youth
  • Identification and management of insect pests & diseases in paddy, cotton, redgram, groundnut
  • Identification and management of insect pests and disease in mango, sweet orange and lime
  • Identification and management of insects pests & diseases in vegetable crops
Extension functionaries
  1. Management of pest & diseases in cereals crops, oilseeds, pulses fruit crops and vegetable crops
  2. Agronomy
    Training programmes were conducted during the year 2018-19 for practicing farmers
    1. Soil test based fertilization applied for different crops
    2. Soil and water conservation practices
    3. Integrated crop management in paddy
    4. Vermi composting and its application
    5. Use of Bio-fertilizers in different crops
    6. Integrated nutrient management in cotton contingency crop planning
    7. Cultivation practices of Rabi groundnut
    8. Farm mechanization
    9. Management of Micro nutrient in different crops
    10. Production technology of pulses
    11. Value addition of oilseeds and pulses.
  3. Fisheries:
    Training programmes conducted during 2018-19:
    1. Composite fish culture
    2. Poly culture system
    3. Fresh water prawn culture
    4. Murrel culture
    5. Aquatic weed management in culture ponds
    6. Integrated fish farming systems
    7. Cage culture in reservoirs
    8. Fish disease management
    9. Value addition of fish
    10. Fish feed management
  4. Sericulture:
    1. Disinfection methods for silk worm rearing
    2. Bivoltine rearing techniques
    3. Chawki rearing techniques
    4. Management of Environmental condition in silkworm rearing
    5. Management of mulberry
    6. Root rot disease in mulberry
    7. Fertilizer management in mulberry cultivation
    8. Mulberry pest & diseases
    Rural Youth
    1. Mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing
  5. Home Science:
    Training programmes conducted
    1. Awareness to personal hygiene and sanitation
    2. Care and importance of nutrition during pregnancy & lactation
    3. Skill training on sari rolling
    4. Skill training on dress designing
    5. Awareness on nutritional deficiency and its prevention among farm women
    6. Mushroom cultivation technology
    7. Value addition to millets.
    8. Awareness on welfare schemes available for youth.