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Women empowerment in agriculture

Women play an important role in agricultural and other land based activities as most of the operations are attended by them the KVK has accordingly placed adequate emphasis on improving the livelihood condition of rural women and empowering them with the help of appropriate technologies for improvement of home conditions to promote holistic development of small and marginal farmers with modern technologies for increasing production and income level to the activities pertaining to farm woman had the following objectives to :

  • increase technological knowledge and managerial skill
  • enhance the socio-economical states of marginal farm women’s and agricultural labourers
  • enhance awareness and skills for sustainable agricultural
  • facilitate value addition to develop post harvest technologies
  • provide training in entrepreneurship development
  • help the woman to improve their income and quality of life

With these objectives the KVK has implemented many activities for women that covered both agriculture and non agriculture sector as mentioned below.

Agriculture sector

  1. Raising of nutrition garden
  2. Mushroom cultivation
  3. Vermicompost preparation and vermiculture production