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Paddy Seed Production

Participatory Approach

To reduce the gap between requirement and availability of paddy seeds, the KVK identified Siripuram village of Nadigudem mandal for seed village programme during the year 2006. Participatory rural appraisal (PRA) tools were used to identify the needs and problems of the rice cultivators. Most of the farmers expressed that non availability of quality seed and lack of knowledge on rice production technology are bottlenecks for low yield of rice.


The paddy seed production programme in Siripuram village of Nadigudem mandal was initiated with 70 farmers by providing good quality foundation seeds to the selected farmers during the year 2006-07. Further, necessary technical guidance was provided by conducting training programmes to the farmers in the village and also at KVK Campus.


  • Farmers are getting good quality seeds
  • Exploitation of farmers by private seed companies was minimized
  • Productivity of rice increased from 5300 to 5900 kg/ha
  • Farmers are getting an additional income of Rs. 7500 to 10000 per ha
  • Some farmers have started seed production in other villages
  • More farmers approaching the KVK to get quality seed s well as production technology.
Thus the KVK has made a modest contribution in paddy seed availability by getting the seed produced by the farmers themselves through participatory approach.

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